Making your own luck.

Street photographers do a lot of things to make the most of their luck. Often the best images have a component of luck, made possible by being there and being ready. 


It does not matter how much you prepare though, luck is still the major player. Some streetogs will tell you they can grab "the decisive moment" whenever it presents itself, but to be honest, if you are going for the most spontaneous and natural images you do not have time to think, just react. If the street shooters style involves pre interaction, shock tactics or some staging, then they can probably claim some control, but the old school purists only get a blink to capture their moment.

"All eyes on her" is an image that was captured instinctively, but ended up having more layers than originally thought. The girl's face and her interaction with her father caught my eye and I snapped, nothing unusual there. The TinTin and Scruffy faces on the t shirt and her grand mother (?) also looking straight at her are all added bonuses, strengthening the girl's face as the central subject (talk about leading lines!). Having the vision to see a clever coincidence is a great skill (although the internet is flooded with talented street shooters relying on these shots so I am not sure how much more the genre can take), but I cannot claim this skill. It happens or not, naturally, with effort and preparation.

Technically the image is from the first time I tried zone focus with a 5Dmk2 and a manual focus Voigtlander 40mm lens. The lens allowed me to cradle the enormous camera in one arm and shoot by the markings on the lens at about f8. it was a successful day, but Canon was on the way out with me. I can now get the same result from a camera that looks like a retro SLR or a compact, is quieter and has AF with face detection or MF with markings and is stabilised.