Japan again

We are off the japan again. meg asked me what I would like for my birthday (significant one) and we started thinking of travel. Inevitably Japan came up and the gods smiled. For as much (or less) than it costs to go to Sydney from here for a week, we get 8 days in Japan. Kyoto and surrounds only. A nice relaxing culture boost.

Gear and bags are a game I like to play for awhile before any trip, but this is an easy one as their is no pressure.

OMD EM5 mk1 x2. Both of my older ones, one with long strap. probably their last hurrah as my premium kit, with the Pen and possibly an EM1 mk2 coming (you hypocrite Rod!).

my 17mm and 45mm primes as the perfect street/found things combo. The "eye" lens 45mm and the perfect long draw Bokeh 17mm grab lens.

75-300 for the power it gives without too much hassle.

For a bag, I think I will use my Filson green field bag. It is lovely and has not been used much since the Filson field camera bag arrived. It is not an ideal camera bag, but for a small kit and other stuff (spring in Japan can bring anything weather wise), it will work well.

Next year we are going again in winter. That will be the premium kit of pro zooms, 25/75 and tripod for night and winter scenics, but this trip is more about just enjoying the places we have been.