JPEG or raw?

Does it really matter how we get there as long as we get there?

My foray into jpeg use for client work is going along swimmingly. The portrait shot below is from last night, with a hand held Pen F, 45mm lens at the magic f2.2 and ISO 400. 

The first file is the RAW with my standard import pre set. The file looks detailed, but not overly welcoming and I know the colour will not be to my clients liking.

The second image is the unprocessed jpeg file straight from the camera and the third file is the jpeg with the slightest nudge (+15) in exposure and shadow recovery.

I actually ended up reducing clarity a bit as the file is a little too sharp for a portrait.

As for detail? The left image is the RAW and right one the jpeg (before softening) cropped to roughly 24x36" print size.

Really starting to appreciate this sensor. Early on I felt it had a "bigger" look than the 16mp one, not just in file size, but feel. It is now showing another level of file quality and flexibility, especially in the brightness that is natural to the sensor. I learned a lot about Lightroom with the EM5's, but always felt I was pushing them to the edge of what they offered to get in the ball park (testament to their file integrity). It is nice to have some of that brilliance delivered easily and at the start of the process.

As to processing the jpeg's. There is plenty of room to adjust shadows, a bit of highlight recovery, white balance (that it is rarely off) and detail, without playing with the huge number of options in the camera.