De haze trial

Not looking for trouble necessarily, but curious if I could pull it off.

Straight in to the sun with a single leaf blocking out direct sunlight down the barrel, using the 12-40 and a Hoya protect filter.

I am really happy with the handling of flare. No obvious flare spots, but the inevitable haze is not ideal. The flare artefacts often make removal difficult, but if the flare is limited to just global haze, then the repair work can be relatively easy.

To give you an idea, i could not look at the composition straight.


The brush tool was used with the dehaze setting pushed quite high (+60), contrast increased slightly, blacks reduced slightly and a little clarity added. I brushed over the obvious areas, leaving the rest. I went back into the darkest leaf with a little added lightening and saturation to bring out the lost detail.

Global application of the de haze tool tends to look a little strong, overly boosting contrast, saturation and reducing exposure too heavy handedly for most jobs, but like most tools in Lightroom, careful application through the brush can fix a broken image without too much harm being done.