A little more 17mm love

Another quick example of the good transition of the 17mm. Taken at f2, the rail in the foreground and the Armani sign are all still well shaped, but the bike and rider have some "snap", standing out against the bus (really obvious in a bigger size).

EM5 17mm f2

EM5 17mm f2

Another one below taken from the same spot seconds before. The shelves in the store behind and the bike are quite defined, if out of focus and the sign on the elevator is almost legible, but the main subjects still have a little extra contrast and clarity to define them. Rare and clever design, going against the current trend.


I like how the viewers eye is first drawn to the main point of focus, drifts to other parts of the image, then back to the main subject with a little feeling of extra clarity jumping out at them.

The lens is not perfect (what is?), but it is amazing how quickly it's little chromatic aberration and edge softness issues fade into the back ground when you start using it. More perfect lenses like the 25mm f1.8 or the pro zooms have failed to win me over as this one has.

It seems I need to like the end product (the image) more than the reviewed promise. That's a win.

If I did not have to work with my gear, what would I need? The 17 and 75mm would do most things, maybe the 45mm for it's comfort and character and the 25mm for it's close focus, but not much else.