More Rules For My OCOLOY

As this project gets rushed into existence, I am making the rules up as I go.

No or little cropping. I will crop to fit the intent of the image when taken (why be artificially limited to 4:3 only), but will limit cropping to 2 edges staying untouched, so squares and rectangles are ok, but not whole sale cropping.

Colour or black and white are fine as best suits. It will be interesting to see how that evolves.

No accessories will be used including a tripod.

Processing will be done at the end of the day or early the next as I can (the next trip to japan will be problematic, but the images will be taken).

Manipulations will be limited to Lightroom, using loading pre-sets and basic “photographic fixes only, no fakery or merging/layers, only direct tools like the brush or gradient filter. Remember, this is an exercise in image taking, but processing.

Excess images may be used for other projects. The point of the OCOLOY is to take at least one presentable image a day, not ditch the rest. More is better.

A day 1 contender.

A day 1 contender.