Weather is

The Japanese have a saying, "weather is". 

They have a very accepting and philosophical nature. If it rains, they don't complain, you just use and umbrella or get wet. Simple, no fuss. But on the other hand that can create a mentality of "be ready for anything". Tokyo can dish up some pretty serious rain (we have only been there a few days with glorious weather, the majority of days in spring were wet and about half in the  summer trip, it took four trips to Harajuku to get sunshine). The sun is mild by Australian standards, but the heat and humidity can be intense, so a brolly serves dual roles.

The girl above makes an almost pointless study of the weather as she is equally prepared for either extreme. There may be an element of fashion driving her choices also!

The camera was the OMD EM5 and the lens, the 75mm at f4. The width of the streets in Tokyo and Osaka allow a lovely distance for photos with a short telephoto lens.