Last Saturday, Meg and I went to the local farmers market. Something we have not been able to do together for the last few years because of work commitments. 

Vowing to take a camera with me everywhere now, I slung an OMD over my shoulder with the 17mm lens attached. This pairing allows me to shoot accurately from the hip, using zone focus* set to about 4 feet, at an aperture from f4 to f8 depending on the light available. The 17mm has the unique ability of extending the perception of depth of field by rendering it's Bokeh more coherently than the current fast drop off/super smooth look that is in fashion (notice the man in the far background). This is an old fashioned design principle, ideal for street photography. The photographer's job with this style is composition, timing and making some effort to keep things straight. With practice, there is little left to luck, but early on there is certainly a lot of frustration. This image is one of two. Both are in focus, but the boys head is turned away in the other image and the woman is partly obscured by another person.

*manual focus preset at a distance using an aperture that will capture a predetermined "zone" of sharpness.