Little Landscapes

Tasmania has more than its fair share of beautiful places. It's hard to travel in any direction before becoming aware of a very photogenic location on many scales. 


When I was young, the only place worth photographing that I could reach on foot was the Cataract Gorge reserve in my home town Launceston. After repeated visits, having done all of the usual images, I started to look for smaller details. The elusive waterfalls that my friends could never find were actually only 1 foot high, but with a wide angle lens placed low looked ten times larger. 

Sticking with that method bore fruit when camping at Boat Harbour last year. We had missed the true summer season, so we had the place to our selves (still managed to find the most mosquito infested part of the camping ground though and someone left the mozzie flap open).

Around sundown (when the mosquitoes were planning their massed strike), inspiration hit in an area of about 50 foot square on the foreshore. The tide had recently exited leaving clean, wet rocks full of brilliant colours and textures. The light at this time of the year is cool and brilliant, full of the expectations of autumn, releasing the tired hold of summer.

The above image was captured with a Fuji XA1 camera and 27mm lens. This whole kit cost $599 and would have to be one of the best landscape kits available for the money. Taken in late evening gloom, the exposure was about 30 seconds at F8. The camera was secured on a sturdy tripod, with a cable release used (the Fuji cameras do not need an overly heavy tripod and the camera has WiFi control/release, but old habits are hard to break).