Blown Away

A few years ago Steve Huff blew many away with his success in recovering highlights from an OMD file using Photo Ninja. At a time when many things were being questioned when thinking about smaller sensor cameras, it came as a revelation. My own experiences with Canon highlight retention/recovery issues on their crop frame bodies primed me for a solution (actually the solution was Sony made sensors in general and to a certain extent still is today). 

A bit of a stuff up the other day. ISO 3200 setting used for strong light shots, and no SCP on. OK, I thought with happy anticipation, that I could try Lightroom's recovery of the Pen F images in much the same circumstances as Huff's images. Exposure reduction, and the highlight slider in the negatives to tame the effectively white cheek, without having to resort to contrast reduction.

The colour is a bit flat (no attempt to fix that), but the grain is very tight. A trick to remember when shooting high ISO images, higher than your camera likes; Set the ISO higher than needed and over expose and if possible reduce the file size (in RAW if available). Both of these things will help tame noise.