Welcome back Silver FX

A year ago I switched to a Mac computer. In the process I lost the FX suite (now owned by Google). I purchased Silver FX at full whack a few years ago, then it grew into the full suite thanks to Google upgrading anyone who owned one to all and found some good stuff in there.

Paying for it again (even at less than $40) was a bit of a pride thing....really shits me. I had the disc, but no go and my activation number was ignored, so I let it go grumpily. 

Reading a blog on line the other day (more photos less gear?), I noticed an announcement that it was free at the moment, so I grabbed it again. 

Not too proud to say I missed it and am glad to get it back.

Lightroom and PS can do a lot with mono conversions, but there is something about the depth or control and a programme with full focus on only black and white that makes a difference. It is dated by the standards of some of the "film simulation" programmes out there, but I am not interested in that, I just want the best digital mono image I can create easily and cleanly. My favourite tools are the contrast and structure sliders and the filter controls.

All of the above were taken within 50 feet of each other at Perrin dunes on Tasmanias' east coast with the 12-40 and 75-300 lenses. All very "Death Valley".

The colours are from the copper and gold toning options at weakest setting then modified to a finer degree.