Thoughts on the new

I must admit to not being even close to familiar enough with the sensor in the Pen F.

It is better by some measures than the one in the OMD's I guess, but I just have not done the yards with it. 

One of the great things about hanging on to older gear is the familiarity it blesses you with. Getting to know the functions of a new device seem to take a multi level path.

Early on, you feel functions become automatic, almost intuitive, but it is only after hundreds on hours with the same equipment that you forget to remember what you did not know intimately. 

The Pen F still feels foreign, both inside and out. The grip is different, drawing attention to "odd" finger placement. The on/off dial action seems too deliberate. The list goes on.

 I know I can rely on it with possibly fewer reservations than the OMD's, but how far can I push it? How far will it cover me when things are less than perfect?

Pen F 25mm f4 1/60th exposing for the lamp light.

Pen F 25mm f4 1/60th exposing for the lamp light.


A before and after test* image from the other day. Recovery is good, although the noise is a little "mushier" than the OMD's, softening the image a little when reduced. The OMD images recover well from noise reduction, becoming smoother, but still holding plenty of edge sharpness. Maybe the images are more sophisticated, or maybe less straight forward and defined? 

First up the lens shows nice enough Bokeh, especially with the nearly impossible to render smoothly candle holder in the back. The jar is odd shaped, so there is no lens distortion and the new filter looks to be pretty flare resistant. I have only noticed one flare spot in a couple of dozen torture test images so far.

One area of concern is the stabiliser/shutter combination in the Pen. I just do not feel as confident with it. There seems to be a disconnect (with mine?) from 1/30th down, not an area I have been troubled by with the older cameras. It could be me. "Someone looking for trouble usually finds it" comes to mind, but the shutter is not as definite sounding or feeling, and the electronic option makes it hard to judge the point of release.

Maybe more time will tell.  Pen F, Kamakura Japan 45mm

Maybe more time will tell.  Pen F, Kamakura Japan 45mm

*The lens, the filter, the camera. You know... stuff.