Two days, two lenses

Two days spent in Melbourne last year doing street photography and some shopping. Day 1, finding my rhythm, using a wide angle, pre focussed and shooting at waist level. The images have that tell tale "up from under" look (that I like) as it makes the subject look bigger, more interesting and with that lens, it adds a sense of drama. EPM-2 and 17mm

The next day, a little later in the morning, I went with the 45mm on my OMD as the corner I had found myself was bigger and the light more dramatic.

Odd thing. Both sets were processed using my mono preset with a little exposure balancing, but have a quite different look (granted the light was also a little different). The colour and contrast of the two lenses is different, so maybe the mono pre set affects their images differently. I love the "organic" nature of the 17mm images, but prefer the clean brilliance of the 45mm images. The 75mm and 17mm look to have a similar colour palette, the 45mm is deeper/darker and richer, a bit like the 75-300 and the two f2.8 zooms are a close match to each other also.

Just love watching people being people. Images turning the constant flow, the organised chaos into frozen moments to be savoured, giving more each viewing. Each face has the thoughts of the day ahead or of things left behind. Reminds me that we are all the same in the end.