Preparing for the season

It is almost crunch time. My investment in the PenF and two pro zooms is about to be put to the test in the high season of landscape in Tasmania, autumn.

Last year, I effectively missed autumn, worrying about other things. The above images were taken while testing my hopeful landscape kit the XA-1 and two basic zooms. The results were good, but the jpeg only idea did not sit well with me and RAW landscape with Fuji, even the XA with the traditional sensor (avoiding the issues with the water colour sharpening effect in processing), produced nice, but slightly fake colours. I have nothing but praise for a kit, made up of a base model camera and lenses. Especially stopped down, these lenses were a match for the dearer Fuji glass and superior in my opinion to any other "kit" lenses. All of the images were taken at Hollybank reserve in the states north. It was once a Tennis racket factory, hence the slightly plantation look to the landscape. It all felt a bit rushed on the day and the images support this. I really hate breaking in new gear or techniques. It distracts from the process.