70D test shots

I stumbled on these the other day. The 70D that I tested toward the end of 2015 with the 40mm acting as a 65mm on that body. The body did not have the date set so it came up as Jan. 2000 in Lightroom and got lost.

The exposure has been tweaked a little (reduced contrast, highlights, blacks and lightened whites, all about +/- 20 value), but not the colour. 

And another, not an MG.

Lovely colour and smooth bokeh from the lens. A pleasant focal length also. I have toyed with the idea of a Canon body and the 24/40mm pancakes, but I don't think I can go back to an SLR.

On first seeing the images, my first thoughts were I had over done the colour and contrast compared to my usual settings. I thought the images had a glassy and clear look and the perception of sharpness at normal size was excellent, but they were I assumed taken on a kit zoom (if on my Olympus) as the high level of detail I am used to was missing. The Olympus and Panasonic M43 cameras provide a very sharp image, with a lot of fine detail that contributes to their non glassy look. One way to bring back the glassy look is to un sharpen, apply noise reduction or use a less sharp lens. Canon files to me look like Olympus files with noise reduction, saturation, some blue channel and contrast added.

This is not "camera bashing", but a good opportunity for me to evaluate a camera without any pre conceptions. My response to the colour was positive and also to the perceived sharpness. Fuji and Canon, both give a high level of subjective quality without the bitingly detailed sharpness and micro detail of Olympus. Even the best full frame Canon's I have used and their sharpest lenses render differently to the M43 cameras. Neither is better, but it was funny that I assumed the Canon images were Olympus with a (still pleasing looking) sub premium lens.