Olympus and Lightroom sampler #3

This is a simple little fix to an image to show how often less is more and how familiarity with Lightroom can reduce your work load and also reduce the processing harm done to an image.

The image is one of my 14-42 kit lens test shots. A characteristic of the lens is easy processing from low contrast files.

The top image is the import with no processing.

The middle image has my "gentle" pre set applied.This pre set is designed simply to lean the Olympus images towards a cooler, smoother and slightly brighter image, that is towards my Canon colour tastes. Nothing is stronger than +/- 20  except -50 reduced highlights. Reduced blacks and contrast increased whites, a little general sharpening and noise reduction-smoothing. 

The bottom image is tweaked with a simple brush pre set "gentle push", adding again only about +15-20 clarity, sharpness and contrast. Designed to add "pop" to selected areas of the image. The big front root stem is slightly out of focus, but the added clarity and contrast hide this well. If this is not strong enough I re apply the brush with the same settings, rather than make the single pass stronger.

Either of the second two work I guess, but the bottom image has more perceived sharpness and colour depth.

The more you manipulate and image, the more pixels get "dumped", harming the original file. Try to work as directly and gently as possible, finding what works best for a particular problem. As a general rule, I find that is I have spent too long on an image and I have applied too many different fixes (especially if some are undoing others!), I re-set and start again.