Fighting G.A.S.

I have a slight case of GAS (gear acquisition syndrome).

I decided I should look at the merits of tracking autofocus in the M43 world as I shot some sport and may have some more on the horizon. 

Even though I have rationalised the benefits away for the level I will be working at (high school), the lure of the new will not go. Even old new, the EM1 mk1 is calling to me. I am fighting false promises, shunning the reliable and well known for the new and exciting. I need to count my blessings, take stock of what is good, what is working and move on.

One of the best things to do is get my gear out, clean and check it as I find the intangible tends to over shadow the real when my imagination takes hold. I learned this trick with Canon gear. I had more of a problem settling on it, even stressing over the physical look of some of my lenses.

Yep, take a breath.

Yep, take a breath.