Travel Dilemmas

I always felt I should take the EM5's on the next trip to Japan. This trip is really just a change of scenery, a holiday without photographic pressure. All of the below images were taken in a short space of time with the Pen F and 45mm lens at f2-4. The amount of keepers, the accuracy, the quality at ISO 800 and the smooth, sharp look have unsettled me.

Maybe the trip should be about just using the clean and simple Pen F and 4 primes kit. The kit that is the elegant and effective ideal.

I won't pretend that I am as comfortable with the Pen before or after the shot as I am the EM5's, but there is no denying, the quality is a step up in some regards, the EM5 sensor still has a certain charm that really suits some situations better than any camera I have used, but the Pen looks to have more in reserve and a little more flexibility in post. 

Now, what bag?