10 minutes in the garden.

This year is shaping up to be one of the best autumns we have had in a while. Timing, gentleness, a little rain, marvellous.

It is amazing what my wife can accomplish (with a little, mostly uneducated coaxing from me) in a short space. This is our third autumn in this house. When we arrived there were only hedge plants and grasses in what was obviously designed to be a low maintenance garden. It is actually not a big space (probably 1 tennis court in total, spread around the bulk of the average sized house, but wow!

Mostly taken with the Pen F in jpeg (little processing needed, but more on that soon) and the 12-40, with one on the 25mm (top right?) until I changed for more versatility. Really love the smooth and quick to drop off bokeh of the 12-40.

These are the horizontals, verticals next.