Bokeh Explorations

Bokeh, or it’s perceived quality, is dependant on a lot of factors.

The viewer and their tastes (up to you).

The lens selected and it’s magnification on the chosen format (Oly 60mm M43 acting as a 120mm FF lens).

The aperture selected (f2.8).

The distance to the subject (roughly 10cm).

The subject (Agapanthus buds- a favourite).

The distance to the background/foreground (1/2 meter).

The background (and foreground) form (mixed leaf and stem background).

The light (shaded on the subject, mixed on the background).

Processing (Basic very mild EM1 pre set with a touch of contrast and clarity added)

Miscellaneous such as the interplay of tones and colours, atmosphere or flare (as you see).


Some interesting, but possibly too distracting Bokeh “balls” in the background. This reminds me of the Canon 200mm f2.8 prime, which had interesting hexagonal shaped highlights, but gorgeous lush colour.


A different feel in colour.

There is little that is right or wrong when talking about Bokeh, it just is, like the weather.

It is (almost always) present in some form, no matter how mild as long as there is any small amount of the image that is not fully in full focus.