Hail Mary

Technical perfection is apparently overrated (says my wife). So against my better judgement, some images get printed....big and hung on a wall in our house. Some would not make it off the "cutting room floor" on a purely technical basis, so it's a good thing my wife practices what I preach about image content over technical considerations.

The image above is heavily cropped, poorly exposed and a bit soft, but it's a household favourite and prints quite well. Taken with a 450D canon and a 35 f1.4L lens wide open at about 1/20th of a second, holding an icecream in one hand, sitting on the freezing steps of a fountain in Rome, in January, it should not really have happened. It happened twice (the image in galleries is slightly different). Looking at the original file is not heart warming. I learned a lot about the limits of Lightroom and the 450D getting something useable out of it, but it's ok and hey, I like the image when I don't think too much about its flaws.