Cinematic echoes

Almost as important as taking a photo is presenting that image the way you want to get your vision across.   

The above image, taken in Osaka last spring, attracted me because of the layers of different people, but I struggled with its presentation. Something was missing from the image's look. It reminded me of something, but I could not put my finger on it. Then one day a friend said "it's kind of cinematic. like the cast of Reservoir Dogs on a promo poster", and so began the cinematic experiment (basically semi panoramic aspect with rich colours, selective focus and dramatic light). Not many images work for it, but when they do, nothing else seems to do. It's easier to do with a lens over 100mm (full frame) as that mimics the compression of cinema better, but can be accomplished as this one is with a wider angle. The confident guy with a cigarette and his friends, the disinterested delivery man, the dog attached to an invisible owner, the yellow cab filling the blank space, the evenly spaced colour points and the slightly hurried looking business man work as the main characters in an untold story. 

The camera was the OMD EM5 and the lens the 25mm f1.8 at about f4 (50mm at f8 on a full frame), using autofocus with face detection. I love the light in Osaka. Its brighter and clearer looking than Tokyo, especially around the newer buildings near the station.