Still life in the old

Reflecting on the life and future demise of the OMD "fleet", I could not help but think of Eric Kim when he talks about tricks to stave off "G.A.S." or Gear Acquisition Syndrome.

One of the tricks is to look at old launch and newer, user reviews*. These help to rekindle the excitement and positivity felt about the camera when new. The camera industry deliberately cycles terminology, jargon and expectations though generation after generation, with little or no regard for previously "must have cameras". The wording (promises) of a camera add from the 1990's strike a very similar theme to now. This is even starting to effect lenses, usually a longer term purchase.

*This bought up firmware updates, that can make an older camera a little newer, especially in focus accuracy for old OMD's.

OMD with 25mm at f2.8

OMD with 25mm at f2.8

The image used in this post reminds me that the old OMD cameras have always served faithfully, giving vibrant, sharp and rich images. They have often been compared to full frame cameras in quality (usually the D800 series!), with directly comparable results in prints up to 40" (see Pekkapodka, Dennis Mook etc) and I have NEVER had any sensor dust or oil splatter issues on any of my 5 Olympus bodies.

Any perceived issues with colour or image depth in comparison to brands such as Canon and Fuji have been shown to be in my head with processing easily removing the difference. They have also held up well against their own later offerings in real image quality terms.

I even find the video to be sharp and clear, even if it is limited in options.

I only have to use another brand for a few hours to remember that the grass is not greener.

My only two complaints are a dial top coming off one camera (fixed with some double sided tape) and relatively poor tracking focus (but not as poor as assumed).

A little closer.

A little closer.

Life in the old girls? In the immediate future for many tasks yes. I will have to get some firmware updates done and maybe look at an EM1 Mk2 for focussing or wait for a newer, lesser model with tracking, but maybe I will never need it.