Of Again

My wife and I have booked for Japan again. This time in winter which has been my desire since early on.

I find winter quieter, more intimate and often less touristy. There is a slight chance of snow and a high chance of seeing new things and also old things new.


2 OMD EM5's, the Pen F and 4 primes with lots of batteries and cards.

I will be looking to my 25mm and 75mm rather than the shorter 17/45 combo because the distances in the cold will likely be longer or I will be able to compose tighter in less busy situations and I feel like a change. The light weight of the other primes will allow me to take them as spares as well, so no harm.

The 75-300, is probably too long and slow for the limited light to lug around but that much power for weight is hard to leave behind. Maybe in the travel pack, but probably not often in the bag. We will see.

Two or three cameras and attached lenses without changing makes sense in the cold and there is always a chance of cold weather static. 

The bag was a little harder. I intended to take the Filson field bag as it has never been used in anger, but my lucky find of the Crumpler "Leaked Memorandum" has fixed the problems of insulation and secure access in the cold.

Nothing like we will see, but oh well.

Nothing like we will see, but oh well.