japan next

Off to japan in the next couple of days.

I have been thinking too much about what gear to take.

I know two things for sure;

What ever I take will be wrong,

What ever I take will work fine.

My comfort zone is the two camera system with 17/45 lenses and the option of the long 75-300 tele just in case.

So I am going with the one/two camera option with a 25/75 combo.

The logic is simple. Often my best images come from the wrong lens at the wrong time. Italy many years ago was conquered with a 35/135 Canon combo on crop bodies making in effect a 55/210 combination. Some of my favourite Osaka images came from the day I used the 25mm f1.8. The whole time I felt 'cramped' by the POV, but the tight, almost too tight compositions often had more (tension?) to them than the easy, semi wide ones the 17mm takes. When I have less room than Osaka, things will get interesting.

I have also noticed that when I process images from the 17mm, I often crop them. I think the 17mm's excellent bokeh transition and width give me a safety net that could be (is?) making me systematic and sloppy.

Reservoir Dogs Osaka style.

Reservoir Dogs Osaka style.

The lenses are also far enough different to allow for conscious lens changes. I never see the value in having focal lengths that are similar mounted at the same time. Just move your feet and think quickly.

My rant in the last "thoughts" post also inspired me to break the shackles of the snap shooting street photographer and become more a candid portraitist.